Ministry Purpose





Darrell Anderson Ministries, Inc.(D.A.M) is Nonprofit Religious Organization dedicated to sharing the word of God with everyone around the world and to exposing the truth about homosexuality and other sexual identity issues. We have three goals:




1. To educate and enlighten people about the deceptive nature of homosexuality

    We want to help people be delivered from homosexuality, transvestitism and transsexualism by introducing them to God       and helping them build a relationship with God, by showing them how they have been deceived by the devil and by                 giving them the love and support they need.


2. To train and teach people how to deal with homosexuals, transvestites. We want to train and teach pastors, churches,             ministries, parents, siblings, friends and all interested parties how to minister to and deal with parishioners, love ones,             friends and other people who struggle with homosexuality, cross dressing and desires to become the opposite                         sex (sexual identity issues). Proper treatment is important because mistreatment can hinder recovery.


3. Provide Preventive Care


    A. Some people become involved in homosexual as a means to survive. We want to provide them with the basic                              necessities in life. So, they practice homosexuality as a means to survive. We want to provide them with the basic                      necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter, so that will not have to resort to this behavior.


    B. Some people were raped or molested as children. The trauma of this experience has left them confused about their                  sexuality. We want to help them before they become a homosexual, transvestite or transsexual.


         We want to help these people conquer their fears, anxieties and hang-ups so that they can have an abundant life with              healthy hetero-sexual relationships.





It is important to warn people that the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23. But, we should not stop there. Instead of just preaching at people who struggle with homosexuality and other sexual identity issues, telling them how wrong they are and condemning them to hell, we must educate people regarding how the devil has deceived them into believing that this is who they really are. We must teach them how to be delivered.


People who struggle with these behaviors, thoughts and desires need someone whom they can confide in and someone who can understand their struggles. I never judge or condemn people who struggle with homosexuality or other sexual identity issues. I never call them derogatory names. God said “…with loving kindness have I drawn thee.” Jeremiah 31:3. Therefore. I share my testimony of deliverance with them (see My Testimony). I assure them that God can deliver them just like he delivered me. I give them techniques to use and a list of things they should do to build their faith in God so that they can overcome these desires.